Fintech and Insurtech pose significant challenges for consumers

Mr. Bolli Hédinsson

After brief studies at the Universities in Münster and München in Germany  Mr. Hédinsson returned to Iceland to finish his graduate degree in Economics at The University of Iceland in Reykjavik in 1981. Later he went to the US and earned his MBA at the Simon School at the University of Rochester, New York.

In his profession as an Economist, Mr. Hédinsson has taken on various tasks. He has been a journalist at a local newspaper in Reykjavik as well as a TV-reporter. He was an Economist for a Trade Union, Economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Foreign Exchange Economist at a Reykjavik Commercial Bank and a Financial consultant. He is chairman of The Icelandic Savers Association and member of the board of European Financial Users in Brussel. He is also a member of the board of the Central Bank of Iceland.