I am the founder/ president of the Areopa Group and I got in touch with you because we share the same interests . I am always looking to get in touch with specialists from all over the world in the domains that are of interest for us .
The Areopa Group is a knowledge provider with a very strong reputation in the field of “ Intellectual Capital Accounting “ and “Applied Knowledge Management “. We are recognized for our more than 40K man-days of RD in those fields , which gave us the opportunity to become a member of several high level expert groups within the EC .
We have developed an IC Calculation system (IC = added value – costs) which is able to describe all the intangible assets of a company in a monetary value , based on econometrics of each asset (we have defined 77 intangible assets in total) . We also have developed a quick IC Estimation exercise that gives a first idea of the IC value of an organization . A calculation system without an IC Accounting system would not be complete , so we have developed that too . Auditors should be able to assess the IC balance sheets , so therefore we have developed an IC Auditing system based on the basic criteria of the IAS/IFRS standards . Now we are able to close the total loop of IC Calculation , IC Accounting & IC Auditing .
In the slipstream of our IC efforts we have also developed a model , methodologies and tools for “ capturing , storing and making re-usable the tacit and the explicit knowledge used in business processes “ . Being able to do this we can turn tacit knowledge ( liabilities ) into explicit knowledge ( assets ) .
All this will ultimately lead to a change in business processes of the total organization .
We offer this knowledge to the market based on a very unique license concept .
So if you want to know more about our organization or about our product lines or business model , just drop me a line and we can further explore the results of our years and years of research .